Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Time to revisit Australia's The Triffids

PIAS Records has reissued CDs by acclaimed Australian band, The Triffids. Their debut album Treeless Plain includes seven bonus tracks recorded live at the wireless radio show in Australia. The re-issue of their stripped back “watershed” album In The Pines includes five additional songs not included on the original edition.

The Triffids formed in Perth, Australia in 1977, by school friends David McComb and Alsy McDonald, with brother Rob soon becoming involved. They released their first single as The Triffids in 1981. After one or two changes, Marty and Jill completed the now familiar line up before recording their debut album, Treeless Plain, in 1983.

In the second half of the ’80s, The Triffids completed a trilogy of studio LP’s that fulfilled most of their widescreen studio ambitions, both in terms of songwriting storytelling and musical atmosphere.

Born Sandy Devotional (1986), Calenture (1988), and The Black Swan (1989) also formed a sometimes embarrassingly honest epic account of the band’s pilgrimage from Australia to London. In The Pines (1987) was a return to their roots, literally, having been recorded on an eight track in a woolshed on the McCombs parents farming property.

The Triffids - David McComb (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards): Rob McComb (violin, guitar): Alsy McDonald (drums, vocals): Martyn Casey (bass) and Jill Birt (keyboards, vocals)

Treeless Plain (1983)

1. "Red Pony"
2. "Branded"
3. "My Baby Thinks She's a Train"
4. "Rosevel"
5. "I Am a Lonesome Hobo"
6. "Place in the Sun"
7. "Plaything"
8. "Old Ghostrider"
9. "Hanging Shed"
10. "Hell of a Summer"
11. "Madeline"
12. "Nothing Can Take You Place
13. "Interview" (Live at The Wireless)
14. "Old Ghostrider" (Live at the Wireless)
15. "Plaything" (Live at the Wireless)
16. "My Baby Thinks She's a Train" (Live at the Wireless)
17. "Rosevel" (Live at the Wireless)
18. "Hell of a Summer" (Live at the Wireless)
19. "On the Street Where You Live" (Live at the Wireless)

In The Pines (1986)

1. "Suntrapper"
2. "In the Pines"
3. "Kathy Knows"
4. "25 to 5"
5. "Only One Life"
6. "Do You Want Me Near You?"
7. "Trick of the Light"
8. "Once a Day"
9. "She's Sure The Girl I Love"
10. "Jerdacuttup Man"
11. "Just Might Fade Away"
12. "Better off This Way"
13. "Keep Your Eyes on the Hole"
14. "Blinder by The Hour"
15. "Wish to See No More"
16. "One Soul Less on Your Fiery List"
17. "Born Sandy Devotional"

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