Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Camper Van Beethoven/Counting Crows side project Monks of Doom reunite for album

Monks of Doom: Victor Krummenacher, Greg Lisher, Chris Pedersen (all from Camper Van Beethoven) and David Immerglück (Counting Crows) are set to release The Brontë Pin, their first album of all new material since 1993’s Forgery, on March 23. It will be available on CD, digital and streaming formats via Pitch-A-Tent Records.

To pre-order the CD go to: 

Recorded over several years beginning in 2009, The Brontë Pin continues the Monks’ improvised music, instrumental work and psychedelia. Recorded and mixed by Bruce Kaphan (American Music Club), the album also follows 2005's album of covers, What’s Left For Kicks?

The band has revealed a video for "Duat! Duat!" 

Track listing:

01. The Brontë Pin pt.1
02. The Bastards Never Show Themselves
03. Duat! Duat!
04. Up From The Cane
05. Boar’s Head
06. The Brontë Pin pt.2
07. 23rd Century Hard Bop
08. John The Gun
09. The Honorable Death Of The 100 Million
10. The Sinking Of The Essex
11. The Last Leviathan (interpolating Rabbit’s Foot)
12. Osiris Rising  

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