Friday, August 7, 2015

A surprise EP from elbow

British band elbow have released the new Lost Worker Bee EP, comprised of four new tracks. It follows "What Time Do You Call This?" their recent contribution to the Man Up soundtrack. The release marks a welcome return to the format that characterized the band’s early work with the Noisebox, Newborn and Any Day Now EPs. 

Singer Guy Garvey explains:

"[We] are involved in various solo projects and collaborative endeavors for the next few months and we just felt we really wanted to get ‘something’ away to tide fans over until the next album. We’ve always loved the EP as a format and we’ve enjoyed making this one so much I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another before long. All the songs on this EP are set in Manchester city center. Manchester’s symbol has been the worker bee for hundreds of years and the lead track is about finding love far away from home. Far from being just a stop gap this is one of our proudest releases."

The band will play London’s On Blackheath on Sept. 12.

The new EP is available as a digital download.

A video for "Lost Worker Bee," based on a script by Moose Allain and edited and produced by Meat Bingo with Sanjeev Kohli in the starring role, was released on July 24. Watch it here:

'Lost Worker Bee' EP links:


Track listing:

Lost Worker Bee
And It Snowed
Roll Call
Usually Bright

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