Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ivy album news

New York trio Ivy will release their long-awaited fifth studio album, All Hours (Nettwerk), on Sept. 20. It is their first release since 2005's In The Clear. The 11 tracks that comprise All Hours were written, produced and mixed by the band in their own Manhattan studio. The first single, “Distant Lights,” is out today in iTunes. calls the first single "...seductive: sleek beat, wistful melody and a vaguely noirish scene set by Dominique Durand in a voice pitched halfway between a coo and a sigh.” Listen to the track here :

"It's a rebirth," says singer Dominique Durand about All Hours. "We really had no idea where we were going for a long time. But in my mind, I knew I wanted to go back to some kind of innocence, and also a feeling of energy and excitement. I wanted to make a record based on those very basic sensations." 

Ivy - Parisian-born singer Dominique Durand, Andy Chase and Adam Schlesinger - began life as a lo-fi guitar-based band, but have grown more sonically adventurous with each record. The leadoff track to All Hours, “Distant Lights,” presents a slow-building, shifting soundscape with a relentless, hypnotic beat. The remaining 10 tracks maintain those unmistakable Ivy melodies and hooks, but as a whole represent a bold new chapter for the band.

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