Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Legacy announces live Setlist album series

This news came across the PR Newswire today. Legacy Recordings always puts out interesting releases and the classic rock fan in me can't wait to hear a few of these (especially Cheap Trick and REO Speedwagon, not to mention Johnny Cash).


The lights go on, and the curtain comes up – on Legacy Recordings' brand-new Setlist series of live collections from an A-list of core artists on the Columbia, Epic, and RCA labels. Hand-picked and sequenced by aficionados and (in some cases) the artists themselves, the first 11 volumes in the Setlist series – by Alabama, Blue Oyster Cult, Johnny Cash, Cheap Trick, Jefferson Airplane, Judas Priest, Kansas, Willie Nelson, Ted Nugent, Quiet Riot, and REO Speedwagon – will be available at all physical and digital retail outlets starting July 13.

In an exciting new configuration, each single-CD volume in the Setlist series will consist of remastered .mp3-ready live tracks drawn from each artist's vast archive of live album recordings. The CD is embedded with computer-accessible .pdf files containing liner notes essays, discographical information, photography, bonus features, and more. The package itself will be a plastic-free, 100% recycled paper, recyclable eco-friendly digi-pak, and the product line will be priced for budget-minded consumers.

The Setlist series takes advantage of the multitudes of live recordings – some rarities, others released on best-selling albums, and still some others remaining previously unreleased in the vaults – until now. In the case of Alabama, Quiet Riot, and REO Speedwagon, at least half the Setlist tracks are previously unreleased. Multiple unreleased tracks or rarities can also be found on the Setlists for Blue Oyster Cult, Jefferson Airplane, Judas Priest, and Kansas.

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