Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Music news

[Check out the press release below. I'm a big Ed Harcourt fan and really looking forward to the new music. I put his 2001 album in my top 10 year-ender and still stand by it]

LOS ANGELES, April 6, 2010 -A dazzling statement of intent and rejuvenation, Ed Harcourt's fifth studio LP, Lustre, will be released June 15 on Nice Music Group/Piano Wolf Recordings. Never easily assigned an identifiable niche, Harcourt merely does what he always has: creates music to capture a moment in time. His time.

"It's an album about action, life, the lustre that you have in your eyes when you feel you're living for something," Harcourt reveals. "If my last album was weighed-down, like an anchor, this one is a buoy" he adds.

Lustre follows Harcourt's critically acclaimed LP, The Beautiful Lie, originally recorded and released overseas four years ago, and finally released stateside in 2008.

For his newest effort, Harcourt retreated to Bear Creek Studios, a cabin-like establishment nestled in the forest north of Seattle, to capture this newfound inspiration. Bookended by the angelic voices of the Langley Sisters, the resulting collection is an energizing marriage of restless invention and classic pop smarts, of insight and hooks. Harcourt's wit and effortless artistry beam once again, with a hint of whimsical that peeks out every then and again.

Harcourt entered the public eye with his 2001 debut Here Be Monsters, which earned him an esteemed Mercury Prize nomination and announced him as a singer, songwriter and musician of rare talent.

That eye-opening introduction was followed by 2003's diverse and ambitious From Every Sphere, 2004's shadowy and romantic Strangers and 2008's sometimes euphoric, sometimes anguished The Beautiful Lie.

In addition to his own impressive oeuvre, Harcourt has worked with many of the biggest and best names in music (Patti Smith, Mark Linkous, Tom Jones), and has toured the globe, performing alongside a diverse array of artists such as REM, Wilco, Norah Jones, Beth Orton, Snow Patrol, The Gutter Twins, Supergrass, and Feist.

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