Saturday, February 13, 2010

"We Are the World: 25"

Talk about a letdown. After hearing the complete version/seeing the video for the new cover of USA For Africa's "We Are the World" (NBC inexplicably ran an edited take on the video during the lead up to the Winter Olympics' opening ceremonies last night), I was very disappointed.

Back when the original came out, I can honestly say I liked or could ID 75% of the acts that contributed. This time, I kept thinking, 'who is that?' or 'yuck.' Justin Bieber to open the song? An unwieldy rap ending? Barbra Streisand seemed woefully out of place.

And why was Jennifer Hudson (overrated in my opinion) given so many spotlights? Whose bright idea was it to let several actors in to the chorus to sing?

Yes, Jamie Foxx has a successful rap/R&B career, but did he need to mimic Ray Charles' original line in the song? Each time Wyclef Jean sang in Haitian, I cringed.

Knowing that the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson had to leave the recording because he couldn't stand for long periods and would be inserted later into the video, I looked closely for him. The editing was obvious.

Since proceeds go to Haitian relief, it is a good cause. Musically though, a train wreck.

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