Sunday, December 20, 2009

A little more Q&A with Saosin

Didn’t the band do some recording on the road last year using a mobile studio?
We tried. What happened was we finished music for the record and got offered – it’s like the story of our lives – we keep putting off going into the studio because we keep getting offered these great tours. We had all the music done and we’re like ‘oh cool.’ We have the gear and the ear to be able to record on the road, so we’ll bring our little mobile studio in the back of the bus and finish the vocals [there]. Of course, you know, we’re out with Underoath. They’re really good friends of ours. All we ended up doing was hanging out. It’s like, ‘dude, let’s go on a bike ride.’ Very bad execution on our part.

With all the changes in the music business over the past few years and the way consumers purchase music now, do you foresee a time when Saosin only releases EPs instead of full albums?
Dude I don’t know. I would actually love that. Even from the very beginning of the band we probably had enough material to put out a full record, but I was like, ‘I don’t really believe in all 10 of these songs. Let’s put the five best ones out.’ It’s a tough call. If that’s the way it goes, I probably won’t have a problem with it. Just last night, we were coming back from a performance and in the car. A new Slipknot song came on the radio. Our guitarist said, ‘that Stone Sour song is cool.’ Our tour manager is the only one that’s listened to the [SS] record. He said, ‘this isn’t [SS], it’s actually Slipknot.’…being that most people only identify with the singles as far as that’s what they think your band is all about. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have, instead of nine songs that nobody listens to – now you only have four.

Do you and Chris still produce young bands in your home garage studio in OC?Yeah. I mixed a record for Drop Dead Gorgeous and am in the middle of mixing a cool folk/punk band.

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