Friday, September 18, 2009

A few more minutes with Arctic Monkeys

Some additional excerpts from my interview...

Do you like performing at festivals in America like you did for Coachella out here in SoCal in 2007?
Alex: Yeah, we had a great time there that year. In fact, we tried to do it this year, but recording got in the way. Next year, I’d love to do that one again. We had a scream there.

On the current tour, you’re taking a keyboardist along.
Matt: Obviously we needed a little extra help [to reproduce] songs from the new record.

Matt, in one of your very entertaining webisodes on the band's website, you're seen hanging with P. Diddy at his house party in Miami. Diddy said he was going to join the band and sign you to his label at one point. Did people take that seriously?
Matt: Maybe some people, yeah. I think he might even have. You never know though, do ya?

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