Friday, August 14, 2009

Veteran country duo calls it quits

Last week, after hearing that Brooks & Dunn were splitting up next year after a final "Greatest Hits" album and tour, my initial reaction was "no big loss."

While I typically cover rock and alt-rock music, I began writing about country more after landing my previous job at the Daily Bulletin & Sun because the genre is big out here in the IE. So I started getting into a lot of acts. These guys weren't one of them. I never thought their songs were especially memorable. How they've sold millions of albums, scored massive hits and won awards up the wazoo is beyond me (I feel the same way about Rascal Flatts - I'd rather hear nails scratching on a mirror - and the equally arrogant/tuneless Toby Keith).

I covered the Stagecoach Fest in Indio, CA a couple years ago and Brooks & Dunn headlined one night. I watched them for awhile and got so bored that I decided to go and eat instead.

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