Friday, June 5, 2009

High concert prices

A friend forwarded me an eye-opening article the The Wall Street Journal ran in March. It said that many big artists (Neil Diamond is singled out as an example, among others) allow chunks of tickets to be set aside for markups in the secondary market. Apparently they try to keep quiet about it for obvious reasons. How disgusting is that?

At least we know Bruce Springsteen will not allow his tickets to be sold on scalper-type sites like or

While I'm on the subject of tickets, I am so sick of going to for show information, only to get a prompt "please wait while we direct you to where you can buy tickets." Live Nation - currently trying to merge with Ticketmaster - has a far from user-friendly site with minimal info for those trying to buy tix. I've said this before, but let's hope the merger isn't approved.

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