Friday, May 1, 2009

"American Idol" watch

Talk about a dumb choice of celebrity mentor on "Idol" last Tuesday. For Rat Pack/standards theme week, Jamie Foxx - an R&B singer/comedian/actor who portrayed Ray Charles in "Ray" - got the nod. Made about as much sense as having director Quentin Tarantino for movie soundtrack tunes week (his only really successful/acclaimed soundtrack was "Pulp Fiction").

In Foxx's case, the reason probably had to do with his current No. 1 R&B chart single (not Billboard's Hot 100 as Ryan Seacrest mistakenly alluded to on air) and new movie ("The Soloist") in theaters. How tacky was it when Foxx mentioned his film after he performed and Seacrest apparently forgot? Tarantino probably wanted people to remember he was still around since "Inglorious Basterds" hits theaters this summer.

As for the elimination, Alison needs to get cut immediately. Matt should've hung around for at least another week. While I'm not a Natalie Cole fan, it was nice to see her looking fit and happy on the performance show (and "American Idol Extra"), considering her recent serious health problems.

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