Thursday, April 17, 2008

American Idol watch

Last week's "American Idol" elimination was jaw-dropping to say the least. Aussie Michael Johns had a good voice, stage presence and sense of humor. And Ryan Seacrest's tease - "Last year after we did 'Idol Gives Back,' there were no eliminations...but not this year!" - was cruel.

Why the bland, dreadlocked Jason Castro hasn't been cut yet is beyond me. He's this season's Sanjaya. Speaking of bland to the extreme, Mariah Carey was a useless mentor this week. How convenient that her new CD just happened to come out on Tuesday.

One constant irritant about the show is how Seacrest (or the judges for that matter) frequently neglect to tell viewers whose song is being sung. Sure, "Without You" was a hit for Carey in '94. But the oft-covered tune was originally a No.1 hit for Nilsson in '72 and written by the guys in Badfinger.

A couple weeks ago, David Archuleta covered Robbie Williams (and Guy Chambers') magnificient "Angels." Archluleta didn't mention it and neither did Simon Cowell, who praised the original.

Kristy Lee Cook deserved the boot this week. And David Cook did a brilliant job making a Carey song interesting.

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