Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The long-awaited return of Goldfinger

LA ska/punk band Goldfinger is back, with the announcement of The Knife, to be released July 21 through Rise Records. After nine years of producing and writing music for other bands, leader John Feldmann has returned with his own new music for the first time since the release of 2008's Hello Destiny.

Pre-orders are available here:

The album features guest vocal appearances by Blink-182's Mark Hoppus, 311 lead singer Nick Hexum; Mighty Mighty Bosstones' Nate Albert ("Get What I Need") on guitar, Twenty One Pilots' Josh Dun on drums ("Orthodontist Girl"), and others. Fans can now hear first single, “Put The Knife Away”.

The Knife is not a nostalgia play; it is an evolution of the band and a reflection of the musical and life experience that singer-songwriter/producer John Feldmann who explains, "I took my time making this record...Nine years to be exact! I feel like I've made the most concise Goldfinger record in my career. We have all Goldfinger styles together as one, with Zakk Cervini, who mixed the Blink-182 record, and Travis Barker on drums, I couldn't be more proud of an album."

With 13 tracks, The Knife surges with the energy, personality, and charm that has made Goldfinger one of the most memorable acts from 1990s/2000s punk. From the blaring opener “A Million Miles”, the easy-going, self-deprecating ska-influenced “Get What I Need”, the swaying struggle of “Don’t Let Me Go”, and the brassy, reggae feel of “Liftoff”, the record spans a vast spectrum of sound and tone.

This variety is the result of deliberate reflection of Feldmann’s life experiences and extensive production (Blink-182, Panic! At The Disco, 5 Seconds of Summer) career over the years. With tongue-in-cheek scene commentary on “Am I Deaf?”, the interpersonal conflict of “Put the Knife Away”, or the heartwarming ode to his daughter “Milla”, Feldmann uses The Knife as a decidedly unguarded sonic update and re-introduction of himself and his thoughts.

Sporting a revamped lineup, Goldfinger features MXPX’s Mike Herrera on bass and Story of the Year’s Phil Sneed on guitar (both doing backup vocals as well). Blink-182’s Travis Barker plays drums on the album, making the album a fitting collection from different corners of the punk world and further showcasing Feldmann’s ability to draw from and synthesize influences into a cohesive, character-infused collection of talent and art.

Goldfinger continues to build on a highly regarded legacy, where they have been considered one of the forerunners and most well-known bands of the third-wave ska/punk movement of the late 90s. Their 1996 self-titled debut Goldfinger went gold. 1997’s Hang-Ups reached the top half of the Billboard 200, and the single “Superman” was prominently featured on the soundtrack for the generation-defining Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game.

Over six full-length albums and over a decade of touring, Goldfinger amassed an international fan base drawn to the band’s penchant for big choruses, attitude, and creativity of seamlessly fusing punk rock, ska, skate punk, and various other genres throughout their discography.

The band is playing select dates on Warped Tour this summer, along with dates in Europe and Canada. All dates posted below. Purchase The Knife on iTunes.

Goldfinger is John Feldmann (vocals/guitar), Mike Herrera (bass/harmonies), and Phil Sneed (guitar/harmonies).

Tour Dates:

June 1 - LaSbielleta - Lecco, Italy
June 16 - Warped Tour - Centurylink Field North Lot, Seattle, WA
June 17 - Warped Tour - Oregon State Fairgrounds, Salem, OR
June 23 - Montebello Rockfest - Montebello, QC
August 4 - Warped Tour - Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
August 5 - Warped Tour - Qualcomm Stadium at Jack Murphy, San Diego, CA
August 6 - Warped Tour - Fairplex, Pomona, CA
September 9 - The Rave - Milwaukee, WI
September 10 - Wayback Pointfest - St. Louis, MO
September 11 - Concord Music Hall - Chicago, IL

Track listing:

1. A Million Miles
2. Get What I Need
3. AM I Deaf
4. Tijuana Sunrise
5. Put The Knife Away
6. Don't Let Me Go
7. Beacon
8. Who's Laughing Now
9. Say It Out Loud
10. Orthodontist Girl
11. See You Around
12. Liftoff
13. Milla

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