Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammy results

Well, I got 6 out of 7 Grammy predictions right.

Congrats to former Inland Empire resident John Jorgenson, who snagged a Best Country Instrumental Performance Grammy for his contribution to "Cluster Pluck" on Brad Paisley's latest album.

Jorgenson grew up in Redlands, attended the U of R and has been an in-demand session player for decades. He was also part of Elton John's touring band. I had the pleasure of interviewing him a couple years ago.

Some thoughts on the 3 1/2-hour Grammy Awards show telecast last night:

>Whitney Houston seemed a little shaky while presenting the first award to Jennifer Hudson. My first thought was, 'oh no. She's back on drugs!'

>What a shock it was to see the first-ever (to my knowledge) TV commercial for the Coachella Festival in the awards' first hour. Bet that cost Goldenvoice a pretty penny.

>I missed the announcements of non-televised award winners at each commercial break (which there were way way too many of).


Too much Kanye West for my liking. Jonas Brothers were embarassing with Stevie Wonder. One of the JoBros forgot the words to the R&B legend's hit "Superstition." As much as I enjoyed Neil Diamond and Paul McCartney, what was the point of having them sing an old fave? Al Green too - although that was just a Memphis tie-in with Justin Timberlake and a last minute sub for Chris Brown.

Even with the USC Marching Band, I didn't think Radiohead was all that captivating during its first Grammy Awards show appearance. I'll have to watch the clip again, but apparently only 2/5 of the band were onstage. Thom Yorke actually smiled at the end! The second half of Coldplay's medley was great, as was U2, Sugarland and Plant & Krauss.

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